‘CoviSelf’ Test Kit: Complete guide

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved a self-testing kit for COVID-19 called CoviSelf.

The kit will be launched by Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions at Rs 250 per pack. This will help to address the requirement for testing more people for the novel coronavirus . Now, people will be able to test themselves in the comfort of their homes, and the need to wait for testing lab reports will end.

Sujeet Jain, Director of Mylab Discovery Solutions, Pune was quoted as saying by ANI that if the result comes positive through the self-testing kit, there will be no need for the RT-PCR report. It is easy to use as it comes with a manual.

Things you need to know about the self-testing kit:

  • The self-testing COVID kit has been named CoviSelf
  • It is India’s first coronavirus test kit for self-use
  • The result will come within 20 minutes of the completion of the test
  • The result can be accessed through the Mylab CoviSelf app.
  • A unique QR code will be generated so that you get the right report
  • It will be packed in a biohazard bag for easy and safe disposal
  • It will come with an Intelligently Designed Tube filled with a solution that inactivates the virus and contains the biohazard

Users can follow these simple steps to use CoviSelf:

  1. Download the Mylab CoviSelf app
  2. Wash your hands and let them dry. Now, open the CoviSelf kit
  3. Open the Mylab CoviSelf app and enter your credentials. Now, scan the QR code on the test device to link the code with the credentials filled in
  4. Tap the pre-filled buffer tube vertically and ensure that the extraction buffer solution settles at the bottom of the tube
  5. Remove the cap and keep it upright so that there is no spillage
  6. Take the nostril swab and insert it into the nose till you face some resistance. Roll it inside your nose at least five times so that enough cells are extracted. Repeat the process with the other nostril with the same swab
  7. Now, dip this nasal swab into the pre-filled extraction tube and pinch its bottom. Swirl the swab 10 times before breaking it at its “break point”. Now, cover the tube with its attached nozzle cap
  8. Add two drops of extracted antigen buffer mixture into the sample of the test device by pressing the tube
  9. Wait for a few minutes. The result will be available on the app within 10-15 minutes. If results don’t appear within 20 minutes, your report must be negative. The result will be considered invalid if it appears after 20 minutes. Click a picture of the device with the phone app and wait for it to analyze the result
  10. Dispose of the kit in the biohazard bag provided. If your result is positive, isolate yourself as per ICMR guidelines.

Source: Firstpost.com

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