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Hosit Xt Cap

Salt Composition :Hosit-Xt Tablets Contains L-Methylfolate , Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate And Mecobalamin Tablets.Hosit-Xt Tablets Contains All Active Form Of Vitamins Would Be Rationale Approach To Prevent Neural Tube Defects Ntds , Pregnancy Related Anaemia And Associated Pregnancy Complications Due To Elevated Homocysteine Levels.Role Of Key Ingredients:L-Methylfolate Is The Active Form Of Folic Acid Used By Your Body. L-Methylfolate Is Proven To Lower Levels Of Homocysteine An Amino Acid Linked To Pregnancy Complications . Mecobalamin Deficiency Is Linked With Increased Risk Of Intrauterine Growth Retardation, Abnormal Embryo-Foetal Brain Development, Cleft Palate And Metabolic Syndromes. Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate Is The Active Form Of Vitamin B6 . B6 May Play A Role In The Prevention Of Pre-Eclampsia, Where The MotherS Blood Pressure Is High With Large Amounts Of Protein In The Urine Or Other Organ Dysfunction, And In Babies Being Born Too Early Preterm Birth . Vitamin B6 May Be Helpful For Reducing Nausea In Pregnancy.Use Under Medical Supervision.


  • Unit Size:10 Sin a strip.
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