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Calcirol Syp 100 Ml

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Salt Composition :Calcirol Syrup Consists Of Cholecalciferol As The Active Ingredient.- Efficiently Used To Treat Bone Problems And Menopausal Problemskey Benefits/Uses Of Calcirol Syrup:- Cholecalciferol Is Used To Treat Or Prevent Many Conditions Caused By A Lack Of Vitamin D, Especially Bones Disorders- Used To Prevent Or Treat Low Vitamin D Levels- Stimulates Bone Formation And Reduces Bone Resorption- Essential To Establish Adequate Vitamin D Status And Prevent Rickets- Protects Against Autoimmune Disease And Plays An Essential Role In Innate Immunity- Promotes Calcium Absorption, Maintains Adequate Serum Calcium & Phosphate Levels, And Modulates Cell Growth.- Enhances Skeletal Muscle Strength And Physical Performance- Increases Serum Vitamin D Levels In Knee Osteoarthritisdirection For Use/Dosage:- As Directed By The Physicianstorage Instruction:- Store Medicines Below 25C. Keep The Pack In A Cool, Dry Place And Away From Direct Heat And Sunlight- Do Not Store Medicines In The Bathroom Or Near A Sinksafety Information:- Keep Out Of Reach Of Children- Use Before Expiry Date


  • Unit Size:100 ML
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