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Hb 29 X Tab

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Salt Composition :Hb 29 Tablet Is A Iron Preparation Which Contains Elemental Iron And Folic Acid.Role Of Key Ingredients:-Elemental Iron Is Source Of Iron,Iron Transports Oxygen Throughout The Body And Maintains Red Blood Cells, Thus Making An Individual Feel Energetic And Preventing Anemia.Folic Acid Is Essential To Numerous Bodily Functions Ranging From Nucleotide Biosynthesis To The Remethylation Of Homocysteine. Both Children And Adults Require Folic Acid To Produce Healthy Red Blood Cells And Prevent Anemia. Hb 29 Tablet Is Used In The Treatment Of :-Iron Deficiency Anemia Anemia Due To Chronic Blood Lossweakness And Lack Of Concentrationdirection For Use:-Hb 29 Tablet Can Be Taken Orally With Water, After Meals. Use Under Medical Supervision.


  • Unit Size:10 TAB in a strip.
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