Government Sells Nearly Rs 4.50 Crore Low-cost Glucometers In Over 5 Months.


  • India has 7 crore people suffering from diabetes
  • Affordable glucometers and strips were launched by the government in May 2018
  • These glucometers cost Rs 480 per device and box of strips is for Rs 225

With nearly 7 core people in India suffering from diabetes, monitoring and control of the disease becomes integral. In order to make diabetes regulation affordable, the government had launched digital glucometer in May 2018 at lower costs.

Since May 2018, the government has sold over Rs 4.45 crore glucometers and strips so far.

According to the RTI reply by the government, the digital glucometers were launched by Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India (BPPI) in May 2018. The glucometer and a box of strips are being sold at low cost exclusively through Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra (PMBJK) Rs 480 and Rs 225 respectively.

The government also said that around Rs 4.45 crore glucometers have been sold since its launch while more than 3 crore boxes of strips have been sold. One box contains 25 strips.

Glucometer and strips are used to measure the sugar levels in the blood.

The prices of government made glucometers and strips are much lower than the market prices of these products. A box of 25 strips would usually cost more than Rs 500 in the market while a branded glucometer would sell for nearly Rs 1,000.

As these devices are only available at government-run Janaushadhi Kendra, most diabetes patients are beyond the reach of these low cost products.

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